A refurbished items are pre-owned or open boxed products that's been, cleaned and repaired by our professional team. For computers and mobile devices, these products also have their data wiped and drives restored to the factory settings. Products work as new, the only difference, is their appearance and possible blemishes. We grade all of our refurbished electronics so it is easier for you to make a decision while buying. All grading explained below:

Most of our laptops are used/refurbished and the condition of these laptops can vary substantially when we receive them. Unlike many refurbished laptop retailers we spend a lot of time and money refurbishing the laptops ourselves to improve their appearance and condition. These are examples of the work we do to improve the quality of our laptops:

replace heavily scratched and dented lids, palm rests (keyboard surround) and bases with new or resprayed parts

replace PCMCIA units with broken buttons

replace broken catches and switches

replace or cover worn keyboard caps

replace batteries which do not hold at at least one hour's charge (usually with new batteries)


Products are brand new sealed in original packaging, 6-12 months warranty


A laptop with this grading will be in very good condition for it's age but more specifically the various components will be as described below:


No scratches, chips or scuff marks on glass. It has no dead pixels and the picture does not have 'screen burn'. The screen has the correct level of contrast and brightness consistent with its age. It does not have an unusually large number of light or dark patches which affect the picture quality.


There are no cracks in the outer case, screen, keyboard or drive surrounds (apart from some minor hairline cracks which are barely noticeable). All the coating on the case eg. rubber, silver is present apart from very minor scratches. There are no security badges or remnants of security badges on the outer casing, keyboard or screen surround.

There may be scuff marks or minor scratches on the outer casing which is normal for a used/refurbished laptop. There may be small dents on the lid.


This does not have excessive wear, for example, letters which are heavily worn and can hardly be recognised. It is normal for there to be some signs of wear on the keys eg. a "shiny surface".


The battery charges properly and holds at least 1 hour's charge during normal operation eg. typing or surfing the net NOT playing DVDs/CDs (unless stated otherwise in Condition section). The battery will hold a full charge overnight.


A laptop with this grading will be in good condition for it's age but more specifically there will some minor blemishes which prevent us from describing it as a Grade A. These are usually minor marks on the screen (which do not affect visibility) or the battery lasts for less than one hour on full charge.


A laptop with this grading will be in poor condition for it's age but more specifically there will some major blemishes. These are usually heavy marks on the screen or the case is in very poor condition. It is rare for us to sell these laptops as we either repair them to improve their appearance or do not buy them in the first place.

Remember we are honest about the condition (and if anything are over fussy to maintain customer satisfaction). Can you be sure that other suppliers have the same ethos?

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